I have had a deep interest in both art and history from a young age. I studied Art and Design before becoming a teacher and spent my entire career in inner city Manchester schools. My work has been exhibited frequently and I currently have a studio in Stockport, Cheshire.

A great deal of my work takes its inspiration from the people and places related to the history of the two World Wars. Over the last twenty years, I have travelled many times to sites in Europe that directly impact upon this interest. Many are well trodden battlefields but the journeys, frequently by bicycle, have many times led to locations that are secluded and neglected but with their own intense atmosphere of tragedy and tension and strange beauty.

What is always present in my mind, when back in the studio, are the moments when I have stood silently, in little windswept corners of foreign fields and woods, where men have fought and given their lives. Inevitably, these places retain a distinct sense of the presence of the past.

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